Popcorn Information

2015 Pack 859 Popcorn Sales





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Popcorn sales are simply put a very important part of cub scouting.  Running the program is not free.  The proceeds the pack earns each October through our popcorn sales help to fund all the activities of the pack such as Pinewood Derby, Pack Campouts, Scout Awards, Annual Roller Skating Night at Champs, and much more.

The pack needs YOUR help to earn money.  We need every scout to help by selling popcorn through two ways. 

1) Show and Sell - We work with local stores such as Kroger to get permission to sell to customers as they arrive at the store.   The customers here get their popcorn immediately at time of sale.  You can sign up at the link above

2) Door to Door Sales - You and your scout can go to your neighbors or family, or workplace to ask them to support the pack by purchasing popcorn.  Popcorn here is paid for now, but will be delivered in November.

 In addition to helping the fund the pack, as your scout sells popcorn and reaches higher sales levels he will earn prizes. 

 NOTE: Scouts' prize levels are determine through the sum of all their Door to Door Sales AND Show and Sell time.  The Show and sell time is calculated by averaging by all popcorn sales made in all booths and divided by the number of hours scout works.

Here are some tips on selling popcorn. 


What the scout should say:

Hello my name is ___________, I am a Scout with Pack 859. We are selling popcorn to raise money for our unit to attend camp. You can help us by trying some of our DELICIOUS popcorn. You will help us won’t you?"


  • Always sell with an adult or buddy  
  • Never enter a stranger’s house  
  • Keep checks and cash in a separate envelope with your name on it  
  • Always walk on the sidewalk whenever possible  
  • Never sell at night  
  • Wear your uniform  
  • Always be courteous

    • Ask your parents
    • Ask your relatives
    • Knock on your neighbor’s door
    • How about your parents’ friends
    • Sell at your place of worship
    • Ask your parents to take an order form to work
    • Have "Super Sale Day" with your fellow Scouts
    • Sell Door-to-Door around your community
    • Popcorn makes great holiday gifts
    • Visit businesses around your town for a corporate sale

    Make sure your Scouts and volunteers are ready for your upcoming sales activities.

    Remember, this isn’t just to raise money for your unit, it is teaching your Scouts lifelong skills and confidence! That is the most important return for our efforts and

    For all methods of selling you will want your Scouts and adult supervisors to know the presentation so well they don’t have to think about it. So practice!

    For Show-N-Sell locations:

    • Clean the area before and after
    • Don’t use a table
    • Use empty cartons to keep product off the ground and elevate the display
    • Pyramid the colorful product in a creative way to make an appealing display
    • Don’t put up signs with pricing
    • Don’t open prepackaged popcorn and sell as single units
    • All Scouts in uniform
    • Everyone is courteous at all times
    • Everyone spoken to is thanked for taking the time to listen

    For door-to-door or workplace sales:

    • All Scouts in uniform
    • Scout rings door bell and uses a sales phrase like the one above.
    • After the customer decides to buy that item or not, then bring out order form
    • Everyone is courteous at all times even if no sale is made
    • Everyone spoken to is thanked for taking the time to listen
    Thank you parents and guardians for all you do to support your
     Scout and all of Pack 859