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Pop Corn Show and Sell Sign up Form

posted Sep 29, 2017, 8:13 PM by Web Master

Scouts , Parents, and Guardians

Its time to start selling some popcorn to help fund our Pack.  

October is the only fund raiser we do each year and this funds all the cub awards, food at campouts, rain gutter regatta boats, pinewood derby cars and much much more.

In the past our popcorn sale was successful enough to enable us
 to not have to charge an activity fee as some packs do.  
Please help us keep this tradition going by selling lots of popcorn

In addition to popcorn you sell on your own we ask that ever scout sign up for 2 2 hour show and sell booths at either Michaels on Nicholasville Rd, or Krogers on Tates Creek Rd

Remember, any scout that sells at least $600 worth of popcorn (combined sales from Boots and door to door orders) will get to throw a Whip Cream pie at any Den Leaders face in November!  I'm sure every kid would love to get to participate so help them to achieve this goal by selling lots of popcorn this year.