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2016 BlueGrass Council Campout Registration - May 6th-8th

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Cub Scout Spring Campout 2016 Information Guide

Check – in at Stamler Dining Hall
Friday, May 6th Begins at 5:30 PM
Saturday, May 8th 7:00 - 8:30 AM - Activities will begin at 9:00 AM

You will receive your assigned campsite location upon entering camp, please proceed to that location, unload, then move your car to the assigned parking area. Proceed to the Dining Hall to receive your registration packet.

Parking and Transportation
  •  Vehicles are required to park in the designated parking areas only.
  •  All roads must remain open for Emergency Vehicles at all times.
  •  Camp Road is one way, please enter through gate at dining hall and exit through gate by the administration building.
  •  You will be permitted to drive to your campsite to unload your vehicles, unload and immediately park your vehicle then set up your tent.
  •  Vehicles must remain on road at all times, no driving into the campsites to unload.
  •  After unloading the unit gear, please move your vehicles to either of the designated parking lots.
The registered leaders are responsible for policing vehicles belonging to parents associated with their pack. Please respect our concern for your safety and help us to protect your Cubs and family by parking in the designated parking lots. Vehicles in unauthorized areas will be towed at owner’s expense.

TRAILERS: Units will be allowed to leave supply trailers at their campsites. They must be parked off the side of the road and not in the campsites. Due to the hilly camping area, please be sure the trailer wheels are chocked.

HANDICAPPED PARKING/CAMPING - Requests for special camping/parking passes for medical conditions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Special passes must be requested in advance and will be issued on the day of the event. All requests must be made to the Council Office by Friday, May 16th to allow for the greatest degree of accommodation. Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate those with physical disabilities or special needs.

Camp Rules
  •  Campsite safety and adherence to BSA policy found in “Guide to Safe Scouting”.
  •  Please utilize the Buddy System with your Scouts.
  •  No smoking in front of Scouts. Smoking by adults in designated areas only.
  •  No riding in the back of trucks.
  •  Range Officers, Waterfront Director and Lifeguards rules and regulations are final.
  •  No fishing off the bridge or at the Waterfront.
  •  No pets are allowed in camp at any time.
  •  The use of alcohol or illegal drugs is strictly forbidden. Failure to follow this regulation will result in removal from camp property as well as notification of proper authority.
  •  Everyone at camp is expected to be respectful of all camp structures. Writing on walls, carving on wood, kicking of walls, etc. will not be tolerated. You will be held responsible for any damages to property.
Except when at the waterfront or taking a shower, footwear must be worn at all times. For safety reasons open toed shoes (i.e. sandals, flip-flops, etc) are not to be worn at camp.


Friday night we offer a snack of popcorn and drink at movie time, please eat before arrival. Saturday meals include hot breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sunday breakfast is a cold breakfast (cereal, muffins). If you have any special dietary needs please notify the Council office at 859-231-7811 before Friday, April 22nd so special arrangements can be made.

First Aid
 A first aid station will be located at the Health Lodge and will be staffed with licensed medical personnel. Please report any accidents, incidents or injuries to the attending District Executive.

Leave No Trace
Our aim is to provide our youth with fun and challenging activities in the great outdoors as well as an opportunity to demonstrate the high ideals of Leave No Trace and low impact camping.
  •  Plan Ahead and Prepare
  •  Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
  •  Dispose of Waste Properly (Trash your Trash)
  •  Leave What You Find
  •  Minimize Campfire Impacts
  •  Respect Wildlife
  •  Be Considerate of Other Visitors
We highly encourage all packs to prepare a song or skit to perform at the campfire. Please make sure all acts are Scouting appropriate. Avoid anything that is not in keeping with the ideals of the Boy Scouts of America. Spaces are limited, sign – ups for Campfire will be open on Saturday Morning until the end of Dinner.

Volunteer Staff

First off, without you this camp out would not be possible, so THANK YOU!
  •  All volunteer staff must be approved
  •  Mandatory staff meeting Friday night… @ 9:30pm (after movie starts)
  •  Volunteers must commit to working 4 hours
  •  All Volunteers will receive a Staff t-shirt that must be worn on Saturday.

Firewood Ban and Campsite Campfires

This ban will help keep exotic insects such as the Emerald Ash Borer out of McKee Scout Reservation. The Emerald Ash Borer is responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of ash trees in the U.S. and is spread by the movement of infested firewood.
  •  Due to the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle, Ash firewood is not allowed to be brought into camp. Other species of tree such as maple, oak, cherry, hickory, apple, etc. may be brought to camp.
  •  Campsite campfires will be permitted as long as there is no fire ban in place. Fires may be built in designated fire rings only.
  •  Please no unattended fires and make sure the fire has been properly extinguished before retiring for the night.
Lost and Found Items
These items will be returned to the Scout Service Center the following business day. You can call 859-231-7811 to see if your missing item has been found. Found items will be held in the office up to 10 business days after the end of the event.

For more information please contact Derek Mallow at 859-351-0866 or

*Cub Scout Spring Camp out is a rain or shine event*
The camp tents will already be set up for this event for your use, personal tents can also be used. Camp tents are canvas wall tents set on wooden 8' x 8' platforms. They will sleep 2-3 people.

Ground Tarps
Cooler and Ice
Hiking Boots
Camera and Film
Garbage bags
Camp Chairs
Poncho/Rain suit
Sleeping Bags
Bug Repellent
Extra Shoes
First Aid Kit
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Fishing Poles*
Bait Tackle*
*(needed for Fishing Derby)

Rainy weather, even minor thunderstorms do not have to interfere with your family’s camping plans. By following the simple list below, you can make your camping experience safer and more enjoyable for everyone, rain or shine.

SHELTER—Some tents will be available, but please bring your own in case we do not have enough.
Make sure your tent has proven itself rain-worthy. If the tent is new, hose it down in the back yard several days before your trip and crawl inside to check for leaks. Let the kids help, if they’d like! Allow the tent to dry thoroughly and then apply seam sealer to the leaky areas you discovered.

Use a ground cloth beneath your tent, Put a tarp under your tent and another one inside your tent (does not apply to wall tents). Make sure the tarp under the tent is tucked under so water running off the tent does not run onto the tarp.

If it is raining when you arrive, either wait the storm out or pitch the tent you can set up fastest under the tarp.

Be prepared for wind as well. Make sure all tents and flies are staked down well.

Bring a sponge to mop up water or other spills inside the tent.


Bring the appropriate clothing for everyone—rain gear, socks, “camp shoes” (shoes you don’t mind potentially ruining), —and bring plenty of spares.

Stow items you will need for the evening/next morning (spare clothing, extra flashlight, etc.) in the tent so no one has to make a mad dash to get them when the rain hits. Store everything in re-sealable plastic bags (Ziploc) or some other waterproof container.

Keep gear in the middle of the tent where it cannot rub up against tent walls, and make sure not to touch the walls of the tent. This will prevent moisture from getting inside. This is generally true anyway as tents tend to get wet from dew in the mornings even when it is not raining.

Bring rain gear such as ponchos, not umbrellas. Umbrellas can be a lightning hazard and get easily messed up by the wind.